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Vincent Herbert


Vincent Herbert has been the man in the background of many famous recording artists the last ten years. He has a huge commitment and interest in music, which he obviously successfully channels into hit song after hit song.

Vincent Herbert is married to the R&b-artist Tamar Braxton, member of the group The Braxtons. Tamar Braxton's most famous song as a soloartist, "Please" was produced by Vincent Herbert


Vincent Herbert is the music mastermind who has created hits for Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Jo Jo, Stevie Wonder and many more. He hired Lady Gaga as a music writer and was quick to sign her to his label Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records.

Meeting with Lady Gaga

The 19-year old Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta decided to put all her effort in her music. She rejected Def Jam that discovered her at that age, but got a new chance when her ex-boyfriend and co-writer Rob Fusari sent the songs he produced with her to his friend Vincent Herbert, producer and record executive at Streamline records, an imprint of Interscope Records, in January 2008.

This became the big breakthrough for young Lady Gaga, since she got the opportunity to write songs for big artists such as the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears.

Lady Gaga credits Herbert as the man who discovered her, saying “I really feel like we made pop history, and we’re going to keep doing it.”


Vincent Herbert is rarely seen in public happenings. These are however two videos of Herbert, one with Lady Gaga in it as well.

Vincent Herbert and Lady Gaga

Vincent Herbert presented

23 May 2010
Your name/signature: 

call me 3183825728 911

- mr damienkemp, 1 August 2013

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I wish Vincent Herbert could do the same for my sister emy love ;)) cuz that girl can sing.. 570-710-0566 plesse give us a call I believe god is good all the time

- Flowerbomb1804, 29 July 2013

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How would I be able to send Mr. Herbert something through his email bascially what I'm asking is for his email theres this young lady he just need to hear or see her video just check her out nothiing more. Is it possible to get Mr. Herbert's email so he can see /hear what i'm talkong about her talent speaks for it's self.

- MJ Mockabee, 29 July 2013

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Hi my name is ashley, im 15 and I have a twin sister name ashlynn we have already been to americas got talent I was wondering if you could contact my mom and listen to us

Phone number:832-286-7704

- ashley, 25 July 2013

I. Would be happy to

- Db, 27 July 2013

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My name is DeMarion I am a great singer. You and Tamar Braxton are lik my aunt and uncle I was wondering if u could give me a shot u can reach me at 4782138548

- D, 20 July 2013

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Hey Vincent,

I'm Antoine Dodson and you may or may not of heard of me. I made it big from Bed Intruder song (you can Google if unfamiliar) but I am so much more then that. It was great but I'm ready to take my music career to a whole new level. With you expertise and my talent will make a great team. I have music for you to hear but not here. If interested please email me @ Thank you much.

- Antoine Dodson, 18 July 2013

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Greetings Mr. Herbert,

I'm not sure if you will see this post, but I would like to speak to you on a secure line. I am a manager also with three artists under management. I am very selective about who I manage and have worked and still continue to work hard to get their names and music out to the world. We have some people we both know in common, like one of Toni's bass player's from Cleveland, Ohio. Don't want to name drop.

Mr. Herbert if I can have a brief conversation with you at your next earliest convenience, it would be very much appreciated.


Lee Hampton

Artist Management


- Lee Hampton, 15 July 2013

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- kjkhkhkh, 10 July 2013

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This is B.A.D.C writing to you, we know you probably have a thousand people emailing you everyday about important things , but lemme tell you why you might need us. DON'T CLOSE THE EMAIL JUST YET, PLEASE FINISH READING. first , B.A.D.C stands for our nicknames Bubbles aka B, Angel , Diva and Cece. real names. D'ona, Amari, Davonna, Daijahna . We came together as a group when we were 11 been friends since we were 8, 10, and 12. Me (bubbles) and Angel are 14 now turning 15 soon, diva is 16 and Cece is 17 . we've all been singing since we could talk. Me (bubbles) i play a variety of instruments, like piano, drums , guitar , cello, violin, viola , any percussion really and i bring happiness and focus to the table . Angel doesn't play any instruments but shes the harp in the group , the melody she brings kindness and what it means to be an angel and sweet but she does have a feisty side with great focus , Diva is the sass in the group , the attitude and Cece is the oldest she is the confidence and the belief in the group. Together we are a mix , all been through crazy things and ready to share our stories with the world and ready to change lives. We don't have much videos on YouTube except one. Mindless behavior My girl b.a.d.c , we have two songs that was recorded in the studio. B.A.D.C my girl remix (my boy) and an original B.A.D.C Fallen (in love with you) . i can somehow send you those songs and have you listen to them . i don't mean to beg and i don't want you to feel like we're every other group that's trying to make it so we're no different , but i think we are and i think we can change lives. me (bubbles) and cece have been through abuse hurt, have been molested, watched our mom and grandma get beat, closet family member passed, dads both dead. one killed one overdosed. Angel closet family member passed, dealing with too much shield(not so much in her life). Diva closet family member passed (not so much in her life) but she learns from our experiences and so does angel. but what i do ask is if you can please help us change lives , we're willing to work , we already except loads of criticism from my uncle who is a producer who gives it to us straight. but we all keep big hearts and is definitely ready for any opportunity. if you got to this email there is hope and we know there is a god, but even if you didn't get to this email there is still hope and we know god will bless us soon if not later!

- D'ona Jackson, 16 June 2013

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga presents her third album

Born This Way

Lady Gaga presents her third album

On May 23rd Lady Gaga released her third album Born this way. The album has a lot to live up to after her two previous highly praised and rewared albums.

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Lady Gaga Advances

Lady Gaga is back with the single "Judas", from the coming album "Born this way". The song was released on 16th april, with a video-release on the fifth of may. The song describes how you can love someone, despite your knowledge of the persons previous bad actions.

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Born this way

A taste of what's next

The 13th Febuary Lady Gaga  released her latest singel "Born this way" from the coming album with the same name "Born this way". The song is written by Lady Gaga herself and Jeppe Laursen. The song is about how we are all equal and that everybody has a chance to fulfill their dreams

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superstar of the decade

Who is Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an American recording artist. Since her debut album "The Fame" was released (on August 19, 2008) her own fame has quickly risen to make her one of the greatest pop stars today. So far, her three singles "Just Dance", "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance", have all topped charts worldwide.

Many people regard Lady Gaga as the new Madonna. That we at last got a superstar of the first decade of the 21st century.

Lady Gaga has sold over 11½ million albums and over 40 million singles worldwide. 

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The beginning of a successful career

At 19, Germanotta had signed with Def Jam Recordings. Through them, she was introduced to the songwriter and producer RedOne, who would have a huge impact on her career.

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The Fame Ball Tour

Lady Gaga's first own concert tour

The Fame Ball Tour” was Lady Gaga’s first own concert tour. She had previously been the opening act for New Kids on the Block as well as the Pussycat dolls. The worldwide “Fame Ball Tour” lasted for 6 months and featured a total of 69 shows.

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The Fame, and onwards

The Fame

The Fame, and onwards

Lady Gaga recorded her debut album “The Fame” in New York and finished it in Los Angeles. She continued working with the producer RedOne, together they made the singles “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”. Commenting the style of the album, Lady Gaga says that they used multiple genres “from Def Leppard drums and hand claps to metal drums on urban tracks”.

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Early years

Lady Gaga’s unquestioned musical skills have nothing to do with luck. Four years old, she started to learn how to play the piano. She wrote her first piano ballad when she was 13, and she started performing at open mike nights at 14.

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The Monster Ball Tour

Pop-electro Opera

Lady Gaga’s second world tour “The Monster Ball Tour” started in November 2009 and still goes on. It was originally meant to be a joint concert tour with rapper Kanye West, but when he dropped out of the project in October 2009, Lady Gaga continued alone.

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The first hit single

Just Dance

The first hit single

"Just Dance", the first single from Lady Gaga's debut album "The Fame" was released in fall 2008 and was an immediate success. The song is about Lady Gaga being drunk at a party but instead of caring, she just dances.

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Working with Beyoncé

Lady Gaga's second single from "The Fame Monster" is about the singer preferring to dance, rather than talking to her lover on the phone. The telephone is in reality a person telling her to continue working harder.

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Paparazzis - the price of fame?

The Single “Paparazzi” was released as the last single from Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame”. The lyrics are written to portray Lady Gaga’s own struggles in her quest for fame.

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Poker Face

What's hiding behind her Poker Face?

"Poker Face" is Lady Gaga's second single. Lady Gaga claims that bisexuality is the main theme of the song, and that it's a tribute to her past boyfriends.

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RT @TriciaDonegan: @ladygaga lula pricks her finger until her diabetic nieces don't have to #BreedCompassion
My Yoga insructor Tricia joined the BODY REVOLUTION. Inspiring.
here's a video we put together of the inside of @harrods for the fragrance launch as well as my arrival+meeting w fans!
Today was happiest day i've ever had. Here's me with my LennonOno Peace Prize. Yoko says, its a piece of the sky.
Me @tarasavelo & @fredericaspiras want to thank monsters for helping breed compassion w/ Born This Way. You inspire us.
Happy Birthday John and @SeanOnoLennon. Still hard at work you are. Both of you.
RT @UrWhiskyMouth: @ladygaga my breed compassion tattoo!
Thank you @yokoono now i can do more, because of you ##littlemonsters
I still hit my routine mom!! :) Thank goodness for the Dorchester...i need some tea ,i think i just cried a little watching that.